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Zeno modern machine?

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Flav V:
Really interesting addings.

im looking at this coin where CONOB dont appear. Strange, maybe fake but i wont pronounce. Anyway we can see little holes on the obverse from 10 et 12 o'clock. Followed by stripes. Can it be the result of a machine?

Din X:
I have never heard that forgers are using machines for engraving.
What I can say is that Slavey and Tumbalev are using normal engraving tools like shown on the money trend 7-8/2010 mentioned in the other here mentioned thread.
I have step by step pictures how Slavey engraved my die with tools and pictures (I have shared already some in another thread) and pictures of the tools used by Tumbalev.
I will post the tools of Tumablev which are the same as Slavey is using and one die cut by these tools.

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