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Zeno modern machine?

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Flav V:

Do you consider those marks as made by modern machine? (photo zoom) on the letter T and O on the reverse, we see parallel lines. they are on other letters too but clearly visible and the T and O.

Photos are the biggest i have. I now know how to give you better photos  ;)

Din X:
This is normal you can find this on some Aurei and Solidii if they were struck from completely fresh dies, this are actually traces from die cutting tools.
You have to know the differences between die cutting tools used in ancient and modern times from forgers.
And some forgers are using same die cutting tools like in ancient times.
And there was another way, Romans did not always cut out letters with tools, they could punch in letters in dies with punchmarks

Here an Re two authentic coins with such traces on letters, I have seen many 100% authentic coins with such, but this traces from die cutting tolls are very often not so good visible anymore beacuse they wear out fast in dies and will only be visible on coins minted form really fresh dies in later die states they seem to disappear, we have to consider that the letters often show flow lines from metal flow, this metal flow can erode in dies and this metal flow can erase this traces of die cutting tools very fast.

There is discussion of this at this link:

I certainly don't see anything suspicious about this coin.

Joe Sermarini:
At a glance, I agree, I don't see anything suspicious.


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