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Kilian O:
Good evening guys,

I got myself this ring some time ago and don't know how to feel about it.
The weight is about 10.30 grams, 26.31mm overall diameter and 20.20mm internal diameter. It should be presumably third century AD, idk why there's a symbol of a sun, maybe sol invictus which was becoming quite popular back then? Only guessing haha.
Got some references:
- Cf. Henkel, F., Die Römischen Fingerringe der Rheinlande und der Benachbarten Gebiete, Berlin, 1913
- Ruseva-Slokoska, L., Roman Jewellery, Sofia, 1991, item 184, for type.
Sadly I don't own any of those reference books as they're quite pricey so I can't get access to it.

How would one get it authenticate? Got reactions of museum or antiquity experts but idk where to find those, maybe here is someone with some knowledge. But maybe without provenance it's impossible.

Thank you for your time and have a great day.

To me the style and fabrication simply don't match genuine Roman pieces.

In terms of authentication, you really need to do two things.

First confirm whether it matches stylistically with genuine (i.e. museum or excavation report) examples.  That will rule out fantasy pieces or mis-identified pieces like medieval or Islamic rings labelled Roman.

Second, if the style matches does the actual fabrication and patina match.  Better fakes are the right style.

If you search through the thread for other messages about rings you should be able to find some links to online sources.



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