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Bronze ring identification


Andrew W3:

I purchased this ring in 2013 from an online coin seller (not specifically ancients), long before I knew about any better sources. I stumbled upon the the fact that I could purchase roman coins and that blew my mind. I bought a few cheap fourth century coins and, for the heck of it, a "roman ring". The only information I had at the time was that it was somewhere in the 100-400CE date range, and labeled "roman ring". I've lived many years thinking I have a roman ring but am now ready to have that belief shattered - or confirmed!

I'm not look for "value" (I'm positive I overpaid) but to help to see if I can learn any more about the ring. I've love to know if a more accurate date range could be determined, if there's resources surrounding the style that may suggest where it might be from (perhaps more common in the provinces?), or anything else that I could gain from sharing with you fine folk.

Thanks for your time.


This does not look ancient/Roman. It has the look of mediaeval/post mediaeval and probably Islamic IMHO.



I agree 100% mauseus.

That is what it seems that some 90% of the ancient rings marketed today are.

Still a nice old ring.


Andrew W3:
Thanks for your replies!

I agree, it's a nice old ring. Still sits in my collection, it isn't going anywhere - just means I need to _actually_ find an old roman ring!


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