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Roman Ring with Asclepius on Gold Intaglio, ca. 1st-3rd Cent



Just sharing for your elucidation...

Silver alloy; 2.3gm, Ring size 11, Gold Bezel; 7mm

Asclepius was the Greek and Roman God of Medicine and Healing. As seen on the bezel, he is depicted wearing a simple himation robe, and holds a staff (the bakteria) with a sacred snake coiled around it.

Every picture tells a story and the same can be said for rings...but the interpretation of them can be rather moot.

Who wore this ring is open to conjecture; a doctor or a patient seeking the God's healing powers? Sadly, we will never know. Just another example of history's mystery's.

FYI - The band on ring upon arrival was severely bent and twisted and far beyond my ability for conservation. I sent it to David Roeder to work his magic for me.

Nice, huh?

Best to all,



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