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Genuine ancient ring or are there things off with it? Need a 2nd opinion please.

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Kilian O:
Hello guys,

I was wondering if anybody could give me more insight on the estimated age and what it's depicting. Roma? It's diameter is 24mm.
Believe it to be real as it was purchased by trusted dealer/auction but then again you never know.

Thanks :)

Personally the style of the portrait bust concerns me.  It does not look like a true ancient object, it looks like something trying to be an ancient object.


Kilian O:
Bought it from a trusted dealer on an auction but got it for a cheap price. All the inscription said was ancient ring, it looks genuine old and quite aged. I'm in no means someone with alot of knowledge about this and will definitely need a second opinion but the ring itself looks genuine to me as in wear and patina. The style reminds me of some roman ones I see pop up every now and then. Maybe the ring itself is genuine and carving done later I don't know.

I believe it to be real and maybe i'm stupid for doing so  :P , why does the portrait style concerns you? It looks quite primitive to me .

Here's another close-up.

Joe Sermarini:

--- Quote from: Kilian O on January 15, 2020, 07:10:21 pm ---...It looks quite primitive to me ...

--- End quote ---

That is the problem. The Romans were not primitive.

Kilian O:
But for all I know it can be anything, doesn't have to be roman it's just a guess. I doubt everywhere in the empire, the many provinces, that rings all looked great. I have seem quite some examples of bad art and self inscripted letters. There are probably in the thousands of different designs and how much more in the ground? I find it quite blunt to say it doesn't fit being Roman but can be ancient and from a whole different period.  :P


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