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Constantine II Virtvs Caesarvm NN

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From same dies/mold as gold version already in fakes gallery.

Intended as variation of gold 1.5 solidi medallions RIC VII Constantinople 102-106 (unlisted for Constantine II).

Listed as 24mm 2.98g

Just noticed that HD Rauch 90 #995 6.54g is also a die match to the fake in the reports, and seems to have similar surface defects as well as identical weight.

Joe Sermarini:
New fake coin reports please.

Din X:
Sure that they are not only cast fakes or transfer die fakes?

I am not 100% convinced that the Gold medaillon sold at auction must be fake, but can not exclude the possibility.

Working link to the one in fake reports

The silver coin from first post is clearly cast. And the Gold one in fake reports has soft details and the surface has been altered.
The Gold medaillon sold at auction has surface problems and the gold coin in fake reports has the same surface problems but softer and it is sadly not possible to tell for sure if the one in fake reports has the same scratch on the reverse (much softer of course) as the one sold at auction (but then part of the dotted border at reverse must have been recutted into mould).

My problem is that coins from the same dies exist in Bronze and I am not sure if in ancient times the same dies were used to strike Gold and Bronze coins.
Maybe the Bronze one was a trial piece?
Or if these dies were used to strike  Bronze  coins and someone made a recutted transfer die from one of these to produce transfer die fakes in gold from these dies.
The auction house, that sold the Gold Medaillon has offered in the same auction the Bronze coin from same dies as next lot, so they knew about it, that coins from these dies exit in Bronze and Gold. "aus den gleichen Stempeln wie die vorhergehende Losnummer."

The style looks very coinvincing and I assume, that at least the Bronze one is authentic (but need better pictures of the patina to tell for sure)

Din X:
Can anyone tell me please if this die link is plausible/possible or not?

It was offered by German auction house Auction 193  10-12 Mar 2021 lot 531 this year.

It is from the same reverse die and looks very suspicious, I did it in fake folder immediatley fater I saw it, it is listed as unsold but I am not sure if it was not actually withdrawn.

CONSTANTIUS II. Augustus 337-361. entfällt. RIC -. .


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