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Blayne W:
I have just received a lot of 4 roman rings and I was wondering if anyone can tell me any more information on them.  Not sure If i should post them as a group or individually like coins, so I will err on individually.

The first one was inferred to be a Legionary Ring from Legio X. 

Thanks for the help.  I had an error the first time I tried uploading so apologize if this shows up twice.

Ave Blayne,

Your ring is certainly Roman and is quite rare.

It features the Capture of Pegasus by Bellerophon.

On the intaglio, Bellerophon has mounted Pegasus, on the right, Athena holds the magic bridle; to the left, the seer Polyeidos.

Excellent ring!

Blayne W:
Wow thanks.  I kinda of put those to the side thinking they must have been fakes.  Now its a whole new area I have to learn.   I had just bought them so if my wife ever lets me get a display I had something more than coins to show :)
Ill have to dig the other 3 out and see if I am in luck with them.

Jose G:
So nice Ring Blayne,

Below some more information:

(in french  ::))



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