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Alexander drachm fakes die links

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Din X:
still reverse 1

Din X:
Reverse 2

Din X:
Reverse 2 first picture

Reverse 3 second + third picture

Reverse 4 fourth picture

updated die links picture 5

Din X:
Another one with the fantasy lambda reverse

KINGS OF THRACE. Lysimachos (305-281 BC). Drachm. Uncertain mint in Asia Minor.
Obv: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin.
Zeus seated left with sceptre and eagle. Control: Λ.
Thompson -; Müller -; Meydancikkale -; unpublished in the standard references.

The problem is that the style on the reverse is much cruder than on authentic coins, impossible die links Kolophon to Lampsakos, that they were so far unpublished, that some of the reverse dies are completely new variants (fantasies), there are too many die links 4 reverse dies and 4 obverse dies that are linked and combined together, which is too much !

Some of them are clearly pressed from modern dies.
Some of them could be cast fakes made from pressed fakes from modern dies.
But I were not able to find a host or twins so far which speaks against cast fakes.

Din X:
These fakes are linked to other Salvey fakes.

They exaggerated the die mixing ;)

Same fantasy reverse die with delta, but most of the reverse dies are fantasy


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