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Joe Sermarini:
Fake coin reports volunteer?

Din X:
An update, it seems like that a very small number of these are recut transfer dies which were really MASSIV recut and then combined with modern hand cut dies.
For one of these fakes they were using a marked Replica from Greece to produce transfer dies.
The replica symbol is a letter M with a line on it!
And of course these recut transfer dies have been later combined with all other existing modern hand cut dies and massiv recut transfer dies.
And then they used this obverse die without recuting (except dots of dotted border) for one transfer die and a recut version of this die for another transfer die.
The reverse, has been massiv recut, the only thing they forgot to recut was the M with line replica symbol on the reverse.
My replica has been mounted in jewellry, this is why mine has on oberse this cycle.

Din X:
All fakes I have from this emissions.
They sadly appear pretty often in auctions from auction houses as authentic!
Their soapy and sometimes extremly soapy apperance can have something to do with production.
I assume that they were casting the modern and recut transfer dies resulting in this soapyness.


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