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Joe Sermarini:
If not already done, fake coin reports please.

Din X:
A new die combination is currently for sale by German auction house.

Kings of Thrace. Uncertain mint in Asia Minor. Lysimachos 305-281 BC.
Drachm AR

16mm., 4,21g.

Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΛΥΣΙΜΑΧΟΥ, Zeus seated left with sceptre and eagle, Λ in left field.

very fine

Thompson -; Müller -; Meydancikkale -.

Joe Sermarini:
Fake coin reports done?

Din X:
Got some of these Tourist fakes very cheap so I bought them and ordered some more.
It is possible that some of the obverses are copied from authentic coins but then recut.
At least some of the obverse and reverse dies are completey modern hand cut.

Din X:
11 obverse dies were combined with only 7 reverse dies.
They have same style and fabric and so come most likely from same artist and workshop but the coins come from many different mints and different emperors and times and were mainly sold by fake sellers, this all speaks for their authenticity.

Many new ones so far unpublished ones appeared on ebay recently some are die linked to these fakes others are not die linked but have same fabric and style and were for sale or sold by same seller who has die linked fakes sold or for sale.

I bought recently some of these fakes as replicas as I have posted above already (picture 2+3)


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