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Books and References / Re: BMC Cyrenaica by Robinson
« Last post by PtolemAE on Today at 01:31:44 am »

426 Kyrene coins in the BM collection are online. 

Yes, thank you. No problem finding those. Helpful and tedious to track through their reported 622 'objects'. And there's some useful cross-ref information there also to connect to Robinson but the book is an important tool to learn how Robinson organized them. Some in Robinson are also in Poole (and some of those are in listed in Svoronos, too) so there's some crazy cross/duplication checking that is needed as well.

Fortunately one of the other readers of this group is generously loaning a copy.

Maybe it'll be possible to re-create the Robinson plates with online images as part of this metrology study of 2nd C. Ptolemaic bronze coins of Cyrene, which will complete the Ptolemaic bronze coin metrology survey. Three parts of it have already been published in AJN, INR, and BRN, one more should be 'at the printer' now, and the Cyrene study should wrap it up with a total of five papers.
Thanks for your help.

I'm a newb here and not used to the procedures and protocols on this website.

Why do I collect ancient coins?  Well, when serving in the Army during the mid-1960s I had an opportunity of traveling through Turkey and in particular the ancient ruins at Ephesus when visiting the city of Izmir. Imagine my surprise when seeing a coin for sale from Ionia, Ephesus showing the top surface of a bee on the obverse with two stags on the reverse. It was just thrilling to be holding this coin, minted in and around 300 BC from an area where I had once walked the streets.

This started my interest in ancient coins and from there, I have been purchasing inexpensive coins from a variety of sources plus "uncleaned coins." My experience with cleaning ancient coins has brought mixed results, some have turned out very well but recently I ruined a Julia Domna coin due to my lack of patience and experience.

I love holding a little bit of history in my hands and like the above post don't care to purchase coins in plastic slabs. I want to hold the coin, not a piece of plastic.
Identification Help / Agrippa Countermark: TI AV or TIN
« Last post by Bogdan O on Today at 12:39:00 am »
I picked up this Agrippa counter mark. Now I know that the common interpretation of this would be TI AV for Tiberius AVG. But all the examples that I've seen have the AV look more like  :AV:. To me this looks a lot more like an N, and the only other example that I found where it looks like an N is in an old post on this forum:

Is it just a different style, a barbarian counter mark, or a different type of countermark?

And is there a consensus on whether a countermark adds or subtracts from a coin's value?

Thanks for the help!
Very nice, especially the Titus.

Two auction wins came in this week.

A nice Judaean First Revolt Æ 1/8 Shekel from the Tareq Hani collection:

and a very rare left facing Titus denarius with Capricorn reverse (R2):

Could probably do with some additional cleaning on the reverse to remove the encrustations.  For now it will stay as is!
Egyptian Antiquities / Re: My new collecting bug
« Last post by otlichnik on Yesterday at 06:18:33 pm »
Nice!  I hope you are able to complete your translations.

How tall are they?

Other Metal Antiquities / Re: info on this small knife thanks
« Last post by otlichnik on Yesterday at 06:01:16 pm »
You can see some examples here:

I think they demonstrate that yours is likely Roman, or at least a normal knife not an Illyrian or Dacian one.

Books and References / RIC X: Addenda and Corrigenda - HELP
« Last post by Poemenius on Yesterday at 05:58:25 pm »
dear friends
I know of almost 5 RIC X: Addenda and Corrigenda .... i do not know if there is a sixth...

is there anyone of you who has that papers?
in Italy are almost impossible to find :(
many thanks for any kind of help

Kent J.P.C. 1995, RIC X: Addenda and Corrigenda 1, Numismatic Circular CIII p 47-48

Kent J.P.C. 1996, RIC X: Addenda and Corrigenda 2, Numismatic Circular CIV p 42

Kent J.P.C. 1997, RIC X: Addenda and Corrigenda 3, Numismatic Circular CV 39-41

Kent J.P.C. 1998, RIC X: Addenda and Corrigenda 4, Numismatic Circular CVI 103

Kent J.P.C. 1999, RIC X: Addenda and Corrigenda 5, Numismatic Circular CVII 47

Derek S2,
I 100% agree with you. Ancient coins for me a a way to connect with the past, a very affordable way Thanks for your response.

FORVM Announcements and Website Help / Re: Help...
« Last post by Virgil H on Yesterday at 05:37:13 pm »
Just a note to say I have often encountered error messages when sending auction notes, but the messages actually get sent. Look in your sent box and you may find the message was sent.

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