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Congratulations to Curtis Clay our Tribunus Plebis 2004

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Joe Sermarini:
Congratulations to Curtis Clay our Tribunus Plebis 2004 (Member of the Year)!  Curtis brings to the board his extraordinary expertise, but perhaps even more impressive is his continuous generous assistance to our members.  He has helped so many of our members this year with attribution, concerns of forgery, historical questions, and so on.  When I see a post from Curtis, I almost always think this whole thread needs to go to our Numism board.  His selection by our members was certainly well deserved.  Thanks Curtis!  

Very well deserved and more than earned!

  I think all of the candidates were notable for their contributions and their gracious and patient assistance to the members of FORUM in 2004.  All were worthy and Curtis the most worthy of all.  I am willing to bet that every one of us at one time or another has advanced their understanding of the numismatic art through his unselfish sharing of knowledge.  Congratulations.

Congratulations Curtis. I echo the sentiments expressed by all in the various posts. Well deserved, and thank you for so freely sharing your expertise.

Congratulations Curtis!  I too echo all the previous sentiments.  You are a giant in the world of ancient numismatics but you still take alot of time out of your day to help all the rest of us on the board.  For this I salute you.

Kevin  :)


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