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Tribunus Plebis (FORVM Member of the Year) Poll

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Joe Sermarini:
Please vote for our Tribunus Plebis (FORVM Member of the Year).  The Member of the Year is determined by a poll of FORVM members held each December.  To be eligible, the member must have been a member the entire year, be one of the top 50 posters, and either hold one or more of the other titles or serve as a moderator.  Only one Tribunus Plebis will be selected each year.  A member that is elected twice will be designated Tribunus Plebis Perpetuus (and will be excluded from future election because it is unnecessary).  

I can see there being only one person in the running this year and most deservedly so too.
My vote is cast.

I agree with Maridvnvm.  There is one MAJOR contender this year.  Many others have been very helpful but the one I have voted for is VERY deserving of this recognition!! Vox populii.

Proud to see me in the list too, thanks!


I feel awed to be on the same list with Curtis. He is such a Gentleman and a Scholar. Not only was this a Great Year coin talk wise, but I got to meet Curtis in person a few times, and if you can believe it he is even nicer in person than on the web. I was surely blessed to have met such a person and I will never forget this Gentleman.

His knowledge of coins comes not only from his vast experience, but from his AWESOME library too. Curtis knows each book like the coins he so adaptly helps us with all of the time. The FORVM is so much better for Curtis' contributions this past year.......... here's hoping for a continued 2005.

Do I have to tell you where my vote went? I don't think so!!


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