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Germania Magna:
It is really interesting to overlook this discussion.

As far as I know, copy right regulations in the USA are far less strict than in Germany, for example.
For educational (= teaching) purposes it is possible to show almost everything, even with a copyright remark, and this free and liberal approach is something I REALLY appreciate.

I hope this free and liberal approach will not be undermined in the long run.

There is, for example, the Swiss-based site, which can be reached in Germany as well. The site is publishing pics from professional traders; some German based traders have denied their permission, and now their pics are off the site, in Germany at least.

In the USA, at least if shown without any price information, those traders would not get through with their claim. They would have to accept the publication of the pics which they used for selling for educational purposes, at least if freely accessible on a site.


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