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Searching for a Specific Term Like "key"


Is there a way to search the gallery and discussion board for Key without getting words including key, like monkey, Turkey, etc?

OK, I see from an older post from Pekka that it helps if I add a second search term to narrow it down ie. Key and shank.  Any other ideas appreciated.  Thanks, Jimi

Jay GT4:
Does putting "key" in quotations help?

EDIT:  No it doesn't.  It still highlights words with KEY in them.

Joe Sermarini:
Try adding a space before or after.

Doesn't seem to help.  Searching only in "Other Metal Antiquities", though, does help narrow down the discussion board search.  And looking through all the gallery results is not so difficult either, plus I got to see some new things, as well!

edit: Unchecking the "caption" option from the gallery search and checking the title, filename, and keyword boxes, does help a lot.


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