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Can't download some of the ID help exl files

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Nathaniel N2:
I noticed that the Florian and Coins of the Ladies pages wouldn't download for me. I decided to try them all to see if any others failed as well. Any help would be great, maybe they can be emailed to me?

Byzantine coin type: Large M
Byzantine coin type: All other large letters
Byzantine coins, others
Florian's Antoniniani.
Coins of the ladies.

Let me know if this is an issue beyond just me. I'd love to get this fixed.

Joe Sermarini:
Please provide the URLs where you are trying to download.

Nathaniel N2:
Will do, here are the URLs.

Joe Sermarini:
I meant the page where those are listed.

Pekka K:

Didn't you read this:

"I have noticed that a large number of internet trolls from China have been copying my lists from Forum, changing my name to theirs and uploading - or even selling - my lists on websites and upload sites. For this reason I have removed some lists (Byzants, Gordian III, Ladies, Diadumenian provincials, Siliquae, stags etc). These can be found on my password-protected page on"

Pekka K


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