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Uploading file not working

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Hi all,

when I try to upload a file in the /gallery sub-page - using the "Upload file" - it does not work. I end up on "": a blank page doing nothing. When I refresh that page, the same happens or I get the message "A valid form token could not be found". Am I doing something wrong or is something wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Joe Sermarini:
I just tried it and it worked normally for me. I don't know what you could be doing to cause a problem.

Virgil H:
Here is my theory on that because it happens a lot and I think it has to do with how long I spend on an entry. At some point, it seems like the system "times out." Here is what I do, one or the other:

1. Prepare in a text editor, then cut and paste into the gallery entry so my time spent is a lot less on the actual gallery entry page

2. Before clicking "save," I copy the text in case this happens. If it does, I do a new entry with the cut and pasted text.

In both cases, this always seems to work for me. I can spend some time on the gallery text page because I always have to rearrange things to fit the formatting I use for gallery entries.

Hope this helps.


Hello Virgil and Joe,

@Virgil, Thanks for your suggestion. I was already applying your method (copy/pasting). Unfortunately this also does not work for me. I was able to post one picture using my tablet on a different location then home. Today from home I cannot upload any picture (not from my PC and not from my tablet). I just read in an other post ("Blank White Screen Again") Joe's reply:

--- Quote ---"If anyone is getting a blank white screen today, let me know your IP. Our security software is blocking many IPs attempting access as potentially dangerous."
--- End quote ---
This might be the problem.

@Joe, can you check whether my IP-address is blocked: [...]

Thanks in advance!


Joe Sermarini:

I am able to upload using your login. So, it is nothing to do with the your account or a problem with the site alone. I looked at our manually blocked IPs and yours is not on the list. The firewall adds automated blocks but they should block all access not just uploading. Please try deleting your cookies.  If that does not work, will ask Sorin to look into the problem.


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