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Curious Celtic artifact



Copper alloy; 32mm/24.5gm

A tripod stand, maybe? No real clue.

Any thoughts?

A form of so-called ring money I think.

If you research Celtic "ring money" you can find the types with the knobs like this.


Jan P:
Indeed, like SC said:


--- Quote from: SC on September 26, 2022, 02:05:28 pm ---A form of so-called ring money, I think. SC
--- End quote ---

"So-called" is exactly right. Celtic Ring Money is also a rather dubious term, as well.
Nearly all, presented online, as such, ARE NOT ring money, nor Celtic in any manner.
They are mainly mis-attributed common Roman harness or armor rings or similar. 1st photo.

The current thought is that such Celtic artifacts were sold/marketed by weight alone, but is that correct? I'm not convinced.
Over these many years, I had had the pleasure to examine any number of such artifacts, and all were ground found in the same Celtic settlement south of the river Drava in Croatia.

To my mind, anyway, it is self-evident, that most of them were cast to worn as beads, necklace adornments, bracelets, or jewelry in one manner or another, and would certainly have been attached to a thong and worn as either a necklace pendent or one of many on a bracelet.

Celtic women, just like now, enjoyed shiny objects to wear and adorn themselves to not only add to them to their attractiveness, but also to their status. The more adornments the better.

Now back to marketing/value of such, I truly believe it was the Celtic wife's who convinced their husbands to buy such for them...maybe no matter the price.

Just my thoughts,


Many might have been hair decorations. To affix ringlets or pony-tails....



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