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Chinese spambot

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Chinese spambot surpassed 100 posts and will reach the rank of Caesar in less than 10 hours. Maybe some restrictions can be introduced so that this situation does not repeat itself? Limiting the creation of new threads for new users to three? Or something like that?

Hi DZ,

Thanks for pointing this out.

Wow! He (or it) should win the award for the most enthusiastic new Forum member. Of course, I am just kidding. :)

To borrow a quote from Robert Heinlein's book "Tunnel in the Sky": "Beware of stobor". :)

I am a moderator of a few Forum sections, but I am not an admin. Consequently, I can't take care of this situation. I am sure that owner Joe will take care of it when he sees it.


Korean, actually.  So weird!

Jay GT4:
I tried merging all the posts but gave up after about 20.  Unfortunately my moderator permissions don't allow me to ban or remove posts,

Joe Sermarini:
Moderators should have a remove button on topics and threads on the board(s) they moderate. If you are not seeing one, please let me know. Moderators don't need my permission to delete SPAM. They can do that anytime.

I do want to be informed of the username so I can ban the spammer (by using the report to the moderator link (on one post), private message, email, phone or text). Anyone can do that, not just a moderator. Normally, I get a dozen reports when someone SPAMs.

I can delete ALL their topics and posts at one time when I delete their account, so if there are a lot, it might not be worth your time to delete them individually. I do this as soon as I seen the reports. SPAM does not usually last long on FORVM and the spammers get banned and deleted.

I added a screenshot of my delete options. Of course mine have everything, but I think moderators should have similar if they are looking on a board they moderate.


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