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Joe Sermarini:
Everyone has probably noticed the "new" tag on some threads.  They look like this...  
But, did you know that the new tags you see are just for you!  The new tag means there is a post in that thread that you have not seen yet.  

I know this is probably obvious to most people, but it took me two years to notice.  

You can "reset" the flags too.

1- by reading the new post
2- using the local  "mark as read" button
3- using the global "mark all read" button.

It is an excellent feature that is VERY useful to scan new posts. I clear the flags every couple of days and can tell at a glance where I need to read to have the latest and greatest info..........

Has the "New" buttons changed on the website lately?   In the last couple of days after I read the topic or thread the new does not go away.  Or is it possible something has changed on  my server or system?
Maybe I should modify the above statement when I went back to the Ident Dissussion the ones I had just read the new was gone, before it used to do it after just returning from the thread.


Joe Sermarini:
If you click the back button the "New" tags will still be there because you are looking at the page just as it was before. 


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