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Drenched in sweat, fever, chills, aching...Not from Covid, from the damn booster

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Joe Sermarini:
Drenched in sweat, fever, chills, aching...not from COVID, from the booster.  Damn, I hope I never get the real thing.

I've had three shots and the worst I felt was a simple sore arm from the shot and it went away after a day.

Hopefully, you feel better soon.

Yeah for me the aches and chills part lasts about a day.  The good news is that the shots seem to prevent the "severe acute respiratory syndrome" (SARS) which feels like drowning that never stops.  I am pretty sure I had it way back at the beginning before anyone even knew it was here.  Never want to experience that again.  I am glad you all are taking care.

Aloha, Jimi

Joe Sermarini:
This is shot number 4. They say if you haven't had one in 2022 it is time.

Virgil H:
Hope you get over that soon as possible. I got the two shots but have elected to get no boosters. My first shot was an unpleasant aftermath, the second one was nothing.


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