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Joe Sermarini:
The total number of stars is not the average of all ratings. It is based on the total number of ratings and the average number. Hopefully a few more 5 star ratings will get the overall rating up to 5 stars.

I left one--do I get Forvm bucks? (kidding!).  It was my pleasure.

"Trustpilot" reminds me of the look on my mother's face when my 17 year old brother brought 6 year old me back from a "ride" that she thought merely meant his 1968 Mustang ragtop but was a Cessna 170.

Virgil H:
LMAO, I will bet that the Cessna ride was more fun than the Mustang. I soloed in a 172 a few times, never got my license, courtesy of the Ramstein AFB Flying Club. Truly a great airplane. I almost hired my instructor and that plane for a trip to Turkey back in the day from Germany. He was totally game for it. Way too expensive but wish I had done it then.


Well, perhaps the proof is that I remember the Cessna ride much better than many events of the intervening 50+ years.  That Mustang was sweet, though, white body and "camel" top, added 8-track.  And I could drive that today nicely today (and would probably ground-loop the Cessna today if my brother wasn't in the next seat, even though I eventually handled that, too).


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