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Author Topic: Last Week in Pleiades (29 August - 6 September 2022) -New Place Resources  (Read 296 times)

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New Place Resources

-Arch of Caracalla:
The Arch of Caracalla at Volubilis was constructed in 217 CE by the governor Marcus Aurelius Sebastenus in honor of the emperor Caracalla and his mother Domna Julia.

-House of the Skeleton:
The so-called "House of the Skeleton" was constructed in the early first century BCE in the Roman colony of Cosa. It stands an example of the domestic architecture of the Late Roman Republic.

-Lateran Obelisk:
The Lateran Obelisk is a monumental Egyptian obelisk, completed during the reign of Thutmose IV (c. 1400 BCE) and looted from Karnak in the early fourth century CE.

In addition, 170 place sources were updated.



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