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inevitable, right?
this is an area in which i am really weak but i know there are many beautiful eagles out there (Egypt anyone?), so let the birds run free!  (  ???   ) 

here's my humble contribution, and sorry in advance for the poor images...

~ Peter

Elis, Olympia, 83rd-85th Olympiads, 448-440 BC, AR Stater 
Obv: Eagle flying right, grasping a snake with its talons and its beak; two countermarks (crab and mule's leg). 
Rev: F-A Thunderbolt with volutes and wings.
REF: Seltman 76 (same dies AS/βς Seltman pl. III); BCD Olympia 372.1 (this coin); HGC 5, 306 (R2). Zeus Mint 448-440 BC (83rd-85th Olympiads). 
(24 mm, 11.71 g, 2h).
ex- Harlan J Berk Buy or Bid Sale 175, 7 July 2011, 144; ex- BCD Collection: Leu Numismatik AG 90, 10 May  2004, 327.1.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Although the tip of the beak of the eagle is off-flan, it remains a portrayal with a great deal of elegance. Seltman’s obverse die AS was used to strike 8 emissions – Seltman 75-82. This is the fourth known example of Seltman 76 and the only one outside a museum collection.

Obvious !!!

I've no dolphin but few eagles, here is one of my favorite  :)

Sicily, Akragas AR Didrachm. Circa 520-472 BC.

1. A greek eagle. Not worth much

AE 21. Amisos (Pontos). 85-65 BC. 8,66 grs. Laureate head of Zeus right / Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head turned right. Monogram left. AMIΣOY below.
 SNG Stancomb 705. Waddington,plate III,1.

2. Three RR eagles.

    a. Júpiter landing

AR denarius. Military mint,49 BC. 3,69 grs. Triskeles, with winged head of Medusa facing at center; ear of grain between each leg / Jupiter standing facing, head right, holding thunderbolt in right hand and eagle in left; LENT MAR ( NT and MAR in monogram) to left, COS to right.
 Crawford 445/1b. RSC Cornelia 64a.

    b. On thunderbolt

AR denarius. 55 BC. 3,89 grs. Head of Bonus Eventus right. Sceptre behind. / Eagle standing right on thunderbolt,between lituus and jug. Q CASSIVS below.
 Craw 428/3. RSC Cassia 7.

    c. Legionary.

AR denarius. Patrae(?) mint. 32-31 BC. 3.79 grs, 6h . Praetorian galley sailing right , with sceptre tied with fillet on prow Mast with banners. ANT • AVG III VIR • R • P • C / Legionary aquila between two standards. LEG XIX below.
 Crawford 544/35. RSC 55.

Nice coin, Brennos. 

The list cannot be complete without at least one Seleukid eagle, so here is mine:

AE 18, Syria, Antiochos IV Epiphanes, ca. 175-164 B.C., Antioch on the Orontes. Obv: Antiochos facing right. Rev: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΞΟΥ ΘΕΟΥ ΕΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ, around eagle facing right. Hoover HGC 9, 655 (R1-R2).


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