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Last Coin minted in Rome?

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Another disscussion in the Roman Section caught my attention and lead me to this question. What was the last Byzantine coin minted in Rome? ::)

Constantine V  -  18.06.741 - 14.09.775


Rugser, you are judging by the intervention of Charlemagne in Rome as the end of the byzantine coinage in the city?

Vercinge my answer is yes!

The my few English doesn't allow me long discourses.

In the second half of the VIII century the papacy begins the big jump of quality.

It in the same time invent the false "Will of Constantinus I" and the phantasmal " Charlemagne Emperor."

The papacy boasts the support of any tribe of Francks like the support of an empire and breaks away from Byzantium.
What has climbed on on the forgery it reveal yourself the awakening from Europe and the definitive abandonment of the Byzantine hegemony then...


Of course, Rome was lost never to be recovered after Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope. Constantinople had its own political crisis after Constantine was murdered and the famous mariage offer of Charlemagne to empress Irene, never to be fulfilled though. When the Empire regained its strength under Basile II, the offensive was directed to the Orient and not to the West, so Rome remained out of the byzantine control limits.


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