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Desert Patina cleaning Project, step by step !!

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Daniel Stewart:
I just ran across this thread--if you are looking for scalpel handles, the place to go is Lee Valley, a Canadian company that has a great website. I have one of their handles--it's big and heavy and allows very careful movement. The founder, some guy Lee, started by writing a book on how to sharpen chisels. Eventually the company became the best source of quality tools in the world. Good on him.

The opthalmic surgeons in Ottawa go to Lee Valley to buy scalpel handles!

Beautiful coin, by the way!

Salem,  Amazing transformation!  I'm curoius as to how long it took you to clean?
Regards, Chip

Salem Alshdaifat:
Hi Chip
it took around 5 minutes .


Fantastic results Salem

ahhh,  gotta love the sand patina  :)


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