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Desert Patina cleaning Project, step by step !!

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By the way Salem, your cleaning skill rocks!

Salem Alshdaifat:
I use a black stone to sharpen the tool, but it has to be realy sharp, some times I have to sharpen it twice to finish one coin, when it is not sharp it wont go smooth on the coin surface , and it wont do the shaving, when I say shaving I mean the word, it is the same as using a blade and shave your face, and as you use your skills not to cut your face you have to do the same with the coin, by the time mistakes will be very little .


I have only ever used exacto blades.

What scalpels do people use?  Plastic or metal handled?  There appear to be two grades of blades.  I have seen the first called "floor grade" and the second "operating theatre grade".  Which of these blade grades is better?


Salem Alshdaifat:
Dear Shawn
I am not familiar with those tools you mentioned, I use a dental tools, my brother in law is a dentist , and I get the tools from him, and sharpen them.

I just ordered one of these tartar scrapers from Amazon.  Looks like Salem's.  Only four bucks.


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