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This is a cry for help.  I know that the later Byzantine emporors used the title "Palaeolagus".  See Sejanus's personal want list thread.  I'm admitting complete ignorance, palaeolagus means nothing more to me than "ancient rabbit".  I find that a very unlikely title for a Byz emporor.  Anybody help me out?

Though i don't know what the title means (I had thought it was more of a family name), the correct spelling is Palaeologus rather than Palaeolagus.  Maybe this will help you on your search.

Doh!  No wonder I couldn't find it in any reference.

The Paleologhi were a noble family of Byzantium. So Paleologus was a surname and not an attribute

Yes, once i figured out how to spell it, I found it was quite easy to find information. In any case, the dynasty ended with Byzantium overrun and Constantine XI dead.  The family was dispersed over Europe and still exists today.  Interesting story.  Paleolagus is the generic name of the oldest fossil rabbit.


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