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Hostilian as Augustus on a Viminacium AE25-26

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I have a Viminacium AE25-26 with the obverse legend IMP C VAI [or VAT] HOST M QVINTVS [or QVIHTVS] AVG, and the year XII in the exergue.  My assumption is that, as Hostilian was only an Augustus for roughly four months, this coin is one of the less common types within the Viminacium series.  This assumption appears to be confirmed by my internet research, as I have located no examples of a Hostilian as Augustus for sale or in a data bank of sold coins.  Any thoughts?

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they are rare, this is my specimen:

Viminacium in Moesia Superior, Hostilian (as Augustus), dated year 12, 250-251 AD.,
Æ Sestertius (25-26 mm / 12,11 g),
Obv.: IMP [C VAL H]OST M QVIHTVS AVG , laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Hostilian right, seen from behind.
Rev.: P M S C - OL V[IM] / AN XII , Moesia standing facing, head left, extending hands to bull and lion standing at feet on either side.
cf. Pick (AMNG I), 52, 155 ; cf. Martin 4' 07' 3 / 4' 07' 8.

Helvetica lists 3 different obverse dies in her list (based on Pick and Martin´s comprehensive catalogue):


Potator II:
And here is Pep's one, in forum's gallery


Thanks.  Every now and then one gets lucky and finds something different in a batch of uncleaned coins.

Yeah, they are pretty hard to come by.  I only know of one seller with one available right now.  You'll see them pop up on ebay maybe once ever 4 or 5 months.  The real trick is finding one that is fully attributable and looks halfway decent.  The reason that you can't find a copy of this coin listed in is that there realy are extremely few that are of a higher grade.  The vast majority of Hostilian's Augustus Viminacium coins are in pretty rough shape (as demonstrated by the images above).  To make matters worse, there are a decent number of legend variants, so if you are missing part of a legend, your coin might not be 100% attributable.


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