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Rare Byzantine coins in your collection

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Lawrence Woolslayer:
Gold half tremissis (1/6 solidus), 14.34mm, 0.72g
Struck c. 607-610 at Constantinople
dN FOCAS PER AV, diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right, beardless / VICTORI FOCAS AV, cross potent, CONOB beneath.
Three known specimens; the smallest gold denomination in the Byzantine series.
Certificate of Authenticity by David R. Sear, ACCS
Sear 635; cf. DOC 20; cf. MIB 29

The following one is not a particular rare coins but gives an idea about south italy coins in byzantine style. It's a follis fraction by Roger II minted in Messina in 1138-1140

obv/ PO  :Greek_Pi_2: EPIOC ANAZ
rev/ IC-XC NI-KA

I have this AE22 Alexanderian coin which I have been told it is rare.

Best regards

Hi sari,
a very interesting coin, though I suppose not a regular Byzantine coin of the Alexandrian mint,
but possibly a very well done Islamic imitation.
I have never seen this combination of obverse / reverse before and will try to find out more about it soon.


Seems like an Arabic imitation from the second half of the 7th century.


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