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Paul B11:

--- Quote from: kitov on December 13, 2020, 11:31:26 am ---John Comnenus-Ducas. As emperor of Thessalonica, 1237-1242. Æ Half Tetarteron (1,04 gr.). Thessalonica mint. + Iω Δ/KOMNH/NOC O ΔO/VKAC in four lines / Cross potent on two steps; barred IC-XC across field. DOC 13; SB 2224,CLBC V.Marchev 14.30.3
The coin is minted in 1242-1244

--- End quote ---

Kitov, I think you have something different there. Your lettering says John the Despot (Delta Epsilon Lunate-S Pi Tau). then something???? My Greek is not so good. John of Thessalonica indeed has the lettering Simon shows and you quote which seems to indicate 'Comenenus' (transliterated) in the second line.

After Nicea took over in 1242, John of Thessalonica was demoted to Despot, no? I think your coin might indicate that (?).

JUSTINIAN I, AR 250 Nummi, struck 540 - 542 at Ravenna
Obverse: D N IVSTINIANVS P P AVG. Diademed bust of Justinian I, wearing imperial mantle, facing right.
Reverse: Large CN (= 250 Nummi) within wreath.
Diameter: 14mm | Weight: 1.07gms | Die Axis: 6
SBCV: 313 | DOC: 334a


Vit K:
Hello everyone, please don't know what it could be?? It is a token or an ingot (?) it looks like silver roughly 33x24mm and weighs quite a lot (24.84 gr...), it says Kris (?) XXX... Thanks in advance for any ideas. .) V.


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