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John Comnenus-Ducas. As emperor of Thessalonica, 1237-1242. Æ Half Tetarteron (1,04 gr.). Thessalonica mint. + Iω Δ/KOMNH/NOC O ΔO/VKAC in four lines / Cross potent on two steps; barred IC-XC across field. DOC 13; SB 2224,CLBC V.Marchev 14.30.3
The coin is minted in 1242-1244 

I have a version of that as well, I was noticing how they differed. Weight is near same but the reverse legend is not the same.  These are found concaved as well. Both yours and mine agree with Hendys observation  that they are tetartera.

Here is our coins side by side.

Pekka K:

I read kitov's  coin: Ιω/ ΔΕCΠ(Ο)/ ΤΗCΚ/ ΟΜΝ

Pekka K

Paul B11:
I was with my Dad in 1972 in Carthage. He bought a bunch of uncleaned "Roman" coins. I recently "cleaned" enough to identify - some late Roman, some Arab, some Byzantine (all minted in Carthage), some imitations, and a lot of vandal coinage. This little silver coin turned out to be a surprise. SB#872 Heraclius 1/2 Siliqua, Carthage.

Reverse is Her. Const. and Martina, with cross between.

Obverse is Heraclius, looking like Darth Vader here. It was solid smooth black all around when I started.

Paul B11:
Here is another find. SB276 Justinian I Pentanummium, Carthage. VICTORIA AG ex. CAR - maybe not "rare" but not common. Sorry about condition.


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