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Another Arab-Byzantine coin

Not that rare but I would say it is extremly rare in this condition


--- Quote from: byzantiumcoins on June 25, 2006, 03:06:15 pm ---Hi sari,
a very interesting coin, though I suppose not a regular Byzantine coin of the Alexandrian mint,
but possibly a very well done Islamic imitation.
I have never seen this combination of obverse / reverse before and will try to find out more about it soon.


--- End quote ---

Sorry everybody, I must have been dreaming ...
I have to correct myself: of course it´s just a regular Constans II, Sear 1026,  MIB 188,


A little fouree collection
Attributions are well come!  :)

Dear "byzantinecoins"
You are not dreaming at all. Please read the following message received from
Chriss Conell in the ANS regarding this coin.

Dear sari,

thanks for your posting.

I am sorry, but I disagree - at first sight I thought the coin looks regular, but I was confused because
this type doesn´t exist as a Heraclius type. That´s why I wrote " a very well done " imitation.

In fact your coin looks much better than the usual Arab-Byzantine "Alexandria" coins
I simply didn´t think of the first Constans II ( or more likely Heraclonas ) type.
After checking the fotos that are available of this type I am quite sure Chris is wrong,
it is the regular Constans II, Sear 1026,  Ratto 1318, DOC (Heraclonas) 7, MIB 188=Oxford ( Ashmolean ),

( BTW, attribution to the Persian Occupation is rather obsolete anyway, the Arab-Byzantine "Alexandrian" coins
  have to be dated to the second half of the 7th cent. )



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