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Alexandros III Philippou Makedonon--was he really so great?

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I hope some of you are interested in this topic.  Does Alexander the Great actually deserve his epithet?  So much of my recent research/reading has left me, well, ambivalent. 

Alexander son of Philip was the right man at the right time to pull off something that proved decisive in history, and then died in 323.
Alexander the Great is, like the heroes of Troy, more and other than any young man who had an army to lead and led it.
We are much better informed about the formation of the Alexander myth and its long afterlife than we are about Philip's son.  He cannot have been untalented or uncharming, but neither, like a few other kings' sons, can he have been what cultural needs created out of him.
Pat L.


I find it interesting that you are undecided towards ATG.  Most folks either love him or hate him. ;)  He was just a man, and a flawed one, but he conquered a vast area, and for the most part, kept the moral of his men up during some hellish experiences.  As far as military leaders go, he would rank better than "pretty good", I would guess. :)


As a military commander, Alexander absolutely deserves his title.  He is almost unsurpassed in history as a leader.

Without a doubt he deserves it as a general. He was a military genius (Just look at the battle of Gaugamela where Alexander defeated Darius III and 250,000 soldiers, with under 50,000 troops. The tactics used were ingenious.) He also played a big role in ushering in the use of siege equipment (the battle of Tyre). Not to mention he expanded his empire 2500 miles eastward in only 10 years. He also  spread Hellenistic culture and knowledge throughout the middle-east and central Asia. For example, if you look at most statues of Buddha from that time period they are dressed in chitons, and you can clearly see the hellenistic influence. Although his motives for his conquest is questionable, he was obviously a great leader, for his military and cultural legacies.



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