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Death of Constantine II

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What, if any, was the extent of Constantius II's involvement in the dispute between Constantine II and Constans?   Did he ('Tius II) have a hand in the ambush that ultimately caused the demise of 'Tine II?

Hi Ghengis,

I'm not so sure Constantius II was involved in the dispute.  I thought 'tius II was mainly fighting the Persians and barbarians from 337 to 350.

Also, I believe Constantine II was killed in battle after trying to seize some of Constans' territory.  It seems ironic the man died after trying to betray his brother.

Here's a link to Constans in Numiswiki which offers some good history:

Can anyone else shed some light on this fourth century drama??

DIR just says that Constantine II died in a battle near Aquilea while trying to grab some of Constans' territory in 340. With my daughter hassling me to come on the computer, I'm not going to get any deeper into it than that tonight.

Most publications establish AD 347-48 as the timeframe that Constans and Tius II’s produced the VICTORIAE DD AVGG Q NN (Twin Vics With Wreaths) series.  Only the Fel Temp series (of the subsequent coinage reformation) rivals the sheer number of coins produced.  I find it highly doubtful that 95% of these Twin Vic coins were struck in only two years and so I am currently doing the research to establish a more accurate time frame.

So far, looking at devices, officinas, and field marks and the dates to which they are known to exist, I am finding evidence that these coins were produced for at least a couple of years prior to the accepted date of 347-8.  But all aspects of the coin must be examined in order to form a reasonable hypothesis.

One clue is what victories are being celebrated on the reverse?  Some speculate that it is the reflection of just victories in general.  Some believe its illustrating specific victories over Franks and Persians.   Plus there are several variants of these two.  One such variant can be eliminated by establishing whether or not ‘Tius II had any hand in his brother’s demise.  (‘Tine II had bad blood flowing with both his bros.)  This was the purpose of the original question posed.

On a tangent for Nike/Victory experts: Looking at this series but asking in general, when one of the victories is holding a trophy, it is almost exclusively held by the left nike.  Is there a known reason for this or the right nike never holding a trophy?

I'm willing to agree that the brothers did not get along, and that they resented each other based on how the empire was split up among them.  The question is: was 'Tius II physically able to be involved in the ambush that killed 'Tine II?  I've read more than once that Tius II resided in Antioch (Antakya, Turkey) from about 337-350.  This is quite a distance from Aquileia, where the ambush took place.  Would there have been enough time for 'Tius II to even mobilize troops to assist??

The fact is, after 'Tine II was killed at Aquileia, Constans took over all his territory in the west.  If 'Tius II was involved in the ambush, wouldn't the two brothers split up the remaining lands of 'Tine II??  Just a thought.

Can anyone else offer some insight??


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