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The Aelii Tuberones was a family into which Aelia Paetina (illeged sister of Sejanus) was born into.  I have heard that Sejanus's father could have been:
Lucius Sejus Strabo
Aelius Gallus
But I have heard that Aelia Paetina's Father could have been:
Q. Aelius Tubero
Aelius Catus

I know for a fact that Sejanus was related to the Aelii Tuberones because a family member of the Aelii Tuberones had the surname "Sejus".

Tacitus claims that Sejus Strabo was Sejanus's adoptive father, and he gives no claim to whom Sejanus's maternal father was.
But Tacitus also claimed that Aelius Gallus was Sejanus's son, while Aelius Gallus in fact was battling Arabians in the B.C. era for Augustus.  Could Tacitus be fibbing?
Suetonius says that Aelia paetina's father was of "consular rank", thus her father was a consul at one point.  Q. Aelius Tubero seems the most likely candidate for her father, but what of Sejanus?

There are only two mentions of Lucius Sejus Strabo known to exist.

A little bit more info when I get back.

Anyway, the two mentions of Sejus Strabo are both contradictory of each other.  Tacitus claims Sejus Strabo was Sejanus's father, but a different inscription states that Strabo is his son:
XV Kalendas Novembres Seianus strangulatus
VIIII Kalendas Novembres Strabo Seiani
filius strangulatus VII Kalendas Novembres Apicata
Seiani se occidit 3 (?)
Decembres Capito Aelianus et
Iunilla Seiani filia in Gemoniis

On the fifteenth day before November 1st Seianus (was) strangled
on the ninth day before the Nov. 1st Strabo the son of Seianus (was) strangled
on the seventh day before Nov. 1st Apicata of Seianus killed herself
on 3 Dec.
Aelianus and Iunilla daughter of Seianus lied in Gemoniis steps

But which source to believe?

Also, Q. Aelius Tubero is a likely candidate for Aelia's father, plus Aelius Tubero's wife was allegedely "aemilia" (not known from any other text).  Paetina means "little Paeta/Paetus".  Paetus was a Roman gens, and Aemilia was probably descended from that Gens.  But, that is only if Aelius Tubero is Aelia paetina's father, for there are other candidates who are equally likely.

Anyway, Sejanus was probably the son of someone named "Sejus/Seius", for Sejanus means "little Sejus".

 So my question is, Who is the father of Sejanus and Aelia Paetina? An expert in Roman "namology", or "the study of names" would be of great help, for alas I know only so much....

If only the ancient sources weren't so contradictory........


P.S. Just soemthing to point out, there is another unrelated inscription which I find very interesting:

Augustas coniuratio Seiani
extincta et complures
in scalis Gemoniis iacuerunt
(In August) the plot of Seianus (was) carried out and many lied on the(Gemoniis) steps.

Lucius Seianus Aelius bears to Volsinii (Bolsena) between the 20 and the 16 B.C.nella Aelia family or Allia.

Prenomen= Lucius
Nomen= Seianus
Cognomen= Aelius

Your father is a component of the Aelia family.. .and for be Seiano in the administration of Tiberio his father had stayed select from August and from him called to public positions.

The only personage of the Aelia Family that has hold loaded August bottom is Quintus Aelius Lamia (III VIR A.A.A. F.F. in the 15 B.C.)

Therefore to my seem there they are many probability that Seianus is child of Q.Aelius Lamia..and also his Aelia sister
On I as have told us I don't put the hand on the fire.
:D :D :D :D :D :D


Q. Aelius Lamia is almost un-heard of.  But L Aelius Lamia was consul in 3 AD.  Did you mean L Aelius Lamia when you said Q Aelius Lamia?

But Aelius Lamia is impossible because he had a granddaughter and died in 33 A.D.
Sejanus's father died within the same month as he.


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