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Theodosius unrecorded?


Flav V:

i cant find any reference for this coin CONCORDIA AVGGG. B mark in right field with SMTES in exergue is only recorded for Gratianus in RIC IX. RIC 39 (c) for Theodosius is with  SMTES:Greek_Delta: with nothing in field. Do you agree that Roma' head is turned left?

Ron C2:
Definitely left turned in my opinion.

Flav V:
Thanks Ron.

Do you have a reference,


According to RIC this is Roma, not Constantinopolis. There is no prow below the seated figure's foot. I'm not surprised this is unlisted in that volume, it is another edition of RIC that is need of a re-write.



Flav V:
Yes mauseus you right, sorry i wrote constantinoplis because im actually ranking city coins. Is it listed somewhere else?


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