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Antestia Reference for Republican Coins of C. Antestius

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Virgil H:
I recently acquired a coin of C. Antestius and one of the references is "Antestia" for it. Anyone know if this is a journal article or where it may be found? The coin has other references, but I am curious about this one.


Pekka K:

Antestia 1 - 24 are references from Babelon:

(Also used in RSC 1)

Pekka K

Virgil H:
Thank you very much Pekka. I did search Numiswiki, but didn't hit that.


Virgil H:
Just spent some time looking through the complete Volume 1 (second link on the Numiswiki page) and glanced at Volume II and have to say that is a very nice reference. I am sure it is outdated to a degree, but I really like how Babylon laid the book out. I will be saving that one. Thanks again.


The arrangement of Roman Republican coins by family gens started much earlier than Babelon (1885), although Babelon helped popularize it. Cohen (1856) also followed the gens convention.  The British Museum Catalogue (1910) was arranged chronologically and geographically, and most major references since BMCRR have followed the chronologic format, fine-tuning the chronology along the way.  Some collectors and dealers continue to refer to the coins by Babelon numbers, and RSC 1 followed that convention.


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