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Flav V:

The exergue is impossible to read. I actually think about nicomedia because of M in left field and break FEL TEMP – REPARATIO
 What do you think?

You probably have to break it out of that thing and get a closer look at those letters.

Is it an AN? ??


Flav V:
The exergue is impossible to read, no letter can be distinguished. Thats why i try to find something with the legend break wich appear to be seen only for some mints.

There seems to be an M in the left field of the reverse and the rider seems to be bareheaded.

This would indicate, Sirmium, Siscia, or Thessalonika as it looks like the rider is reaching out towards the soldier.
If you can define the rider to be bearded, then it is Sirmium, but the reverse is quite far gone.

Just my 2 c,


Flav V:
Thanks, this is exactly the reply i was waiting. It were hard to define wich variant is on wich mint.. As you see here the rider dont seems to raise hand and i dont see beard.


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