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Parium (Parion) why symbol of capricorn?


Hello, I bought this province bronze of Iulia Paula from Parium. Typically, on the back is the capricorn with cornucopia and globe. Now I tried a little research. But I have not found more than that the capricorn is a symbol of the city.

Does anyone know anything more specific about what the ibex, cornucopia and globe stand for? Especially the capricorn for Parium. Does anyone have more literature tips for me? The little animal appears quite often on the backs.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Tim,

I have the Augustus version of that type (first coin):

Many coins of Augustus have a capricorn on the reverse because that was his solar/lunar birth sign. I don't know if a capricorn is a symbol of that city, or simply the solar/lunar birth sign of several emperors and empresses.


Hi. Since the capricorn appears on different coins, like Julia Paula, Caracalla, Severus Alexander and also many others, I don't think they were all born in the same zodiac sign.

But with Augustus you give me an idea. But this is now pure speculation from me.

The Capricorn of Augustus is identical with the representations from Parium.

Augustus has founded the Colonia Parium! Maybe the city has adopted the sign of Augustus as a mascot and memory of the founder?

See e.g. Bernhard Weisser, "Der Capricornus des Augustus in Pergamon", in ALFARO, C., MARCOS, P., OTERO, C., (eds.), XIII Congreso Internacional de Numismática - Madrid 2003 - Actas
(Madrid, 2005), pp. 965-971:

He explains that the capricorn always was connected to Augustus and often has been used in colonies founded by him (as Parium has been).

For Augustus and the capricorn see Konrad Kraft, "Zum Capricorn auf den Münzen des Augustus", JNG 17, 1967, pp. 17-27:,-280,680



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Thats what i need. Thanks for informations and the links!


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