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severus II Follis mint mark.


Kim B. N:
Good evening Board, i looking through some Follis from 300AD period i have been "forgetting" and trying to get ID´s on them.
This one i just can see what mint mark it is, maybe i am just tired.  ???

Coin info: Follis Severus II

(I think) ?? HL  SEVERVS NOB CAES.
Weight: 7.12 g.
Size: 2.6 cm

As allways thank you for your time and expertise. Cheers Kim

Pekka K:

Alexandria: RIC VI Alexandria 56

Pekka K

Kim B. N:
Thank you again Pekka ARL mint mark hmm, yep i am tired.  ;D I am going with my family to Lapinjärvi this juli, any where near you home town? :) Cheers Kim


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