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NYINC 2022

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Time for my annual encouragement to attend NYINC.  In omicron-infused 2022, of course one must be careful, informed, and make the decision that's right for you, and if that means attendance, you must be vaxxed for entry to public events in NYC.  I am planning on my usual several visits. 
  I would only say this -- I have seen stories that, as usual,  exaggerate danger in NYC compared to some mythical locales.  The Vax rate in Manhattan is among the highest in the country.  If your health choice is not to go to any public places, that may be the right decision for you.  But it is not likely that any other public event will be safer. 
  Let's hope we can all get together in 2023, no strings attached!  Be well!

I have attended a few of the auction previews.

I was required to show ID and proof of vaccination to get in.  Everyone I saw was wearing masks.

Steve Moulding:
Hi Ed, it looks quiet based on that picture! I finally decided today to skip it after all. Hopefully will make it next year (though I said the same thing 12 months ago).  Sad, but oh well.
Glad to hear everyone's masked. Stay safe.



Jay GT4:
Yes, stay safe!

We'll see what tomorrow brings!  I attended previews around the same time as Ed.   I will early-bird on Thursday and then see how it goes.  A few of the programs on Friday and Saturday are appealing .
     Hard to say how far to stretch my luck and KN95 supply.


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