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2020 Member of the Year - Mark Fox (Mark Fox)

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Joe Sermarini:
I am pleased to announce that we have honored Shawn Caza (otlichnik), our Tribunus Plebis 2016, as our newest Tribunus Plebis Perpetuus. Thanks Shawn for sharing your expertise in 4764 posts since you joined in 2007, and especially for moderating the discussions and expertly assisting members with fibulae and other antiquities. Thanks also for your contributions to NumisWiki. Our lifetime award is our members' highest expression of appreciation and admiration. Congratulations for your well deserved recognition.

Congratulations to Mark Fox (Mark Fox) our Tribunus Plebis 2020! Thanks on behalf of Forum Ancient Coins and all our Classical Numismatics Discussion members for your outstanding and unique contributions to this community. Your shared knowledge and 986 posts since you joined in 2006 have made the the discussion board a better place. Most of your posts are helping members with authentication and identification. This is perhaps the most important assistance we provide to collectors here on the boards, and your posts have been an important part of that effort. This award is an expression of sincere appreciation and admiration from our members for the help and the education you have provided. Thanks!

On behalf of all our members, I would also like to thank all our nominees. The votes were very close and clearly deciding who to select was a difficult choice. Thank you, all of you, for generously sharing your time and expertise. You all deserve more appreciation and honor than I can express.

Congratulations Shawn and Mark, well deserved.


Jay GT4:
I appreciate both for their contributions to the community.  Congrats!

indeed wel deserved


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