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Need help identifying an Egyptian faience amulet


Patricia F:

I inherited this faience amulet from Egypt and have been researching it unsuccessfully. ??? Was hoping someone on this forum could help me. Thanking you in advance. Regards,  :)

Jay GT4:
Hello Patricia.  Looks like a typical Egyptian Shabti figure.  It's also called a Ushabti.

They were placed into tombs as slaves for the afterlife.  The more Shabti's you had the more prominent you were.  Some are overseer Shabti's and some are laborers.  Sometimes the laborers have a basket on their back etched or drawn in.  Looks like most of it has worn away.  My guess is it would be a later piece probably from the 26th Dynasty around 600 BC to 300 BC

Here are a few I used to own


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