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Sasanian ID help request


Dear friends,

A colleague of mine is working on a coin catalogue for an institution and we are both
equally unfamiliar with the finer points of Sasanian coinage.

This coin came described as follows:
ARDASHIR I (A.D. 224-240), AR drachm, 3.50 grams.
Obv. Bust of Ardashir to right, with long beard and hair over shoulders, wearing close fitting
headdress with korymbos above, ties flying behind; around, Pahlavi legend.
Rev. Fire altar; around, Pahlavi legend.
Refs: Sellwood type III, Pl.1, 10; Göbl 9-19; Mitchener 789-795; Paruck 37; Alram 673.
Obverse legend reads: “Lord Ardashir, King of Kings of the Iranians whose image is from the gods”.

Can anyone confirm whether any of this is correct, especially the references, or assist
with any corrections?

I also have concerns about its authenticity, but this is not my field and may be wrong.

With thanks,


Bump! :)

I don't suppose anyone has access to "Alram", to check that particular reference?

My colleague would be most pleased if that was possible.

- Walter

Joe Sermarini:
Far too late, but I believe it is Alram 673, which is identified as Göbl 10. It is not in the plates.

Thanks Joe,
NEVER too late!
Thanks for getting back to this for me.
I'll have to dig it out again now.

- Walter


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