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RPC Online

Roman Provincial Coinage Online - http://rpc.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/

The aim of the Roman Provincial Coinage series is to produce a standard typology of the provincial coinage of the Roman Empire from its beginning in 44 BC to its end in AD 296/7.

The current Roman Provincial Coinage Online project is confined to the periods AD 138–192 and AD 249–254, but other periods will be put online in the future.

The database is based on the ten most important and accessible collections in the world, and on all published material. It comprises one of the largest collections of images and related inscriptions from the ancient world which is searchable by iconography, place, and time. The database contains information on 16,204 coin types, based on 60,766 specimens (23,678 of which have images).

Volume I From the death of Caesar to Vitellius (44 BC–AD 69)

Volume II Vespasian to Domitian (AD 69–96)

Volume III Nerva to Hadrian (AD 96–138)

Volume IV Antoninus Pius to Commodus (AD 138–192) [with temporary numbers]

  1. Antoninus Pius (138–161)
  2. Faustina I (138–141, and later deification coins)
  3. Marcus Aurelius (139–180)
  4. Faustina II (147–175)
  5. Lucius Verus (161–169)
  6. Lucilla (164–169, and later)
  7. Commodus (175–192)
  8. Crispina (178–182?)

     IV.1 Antoninus Pius to Commodus (AD 138–192): Cyrenaica to Bithynia - Pontus
     IV.2 Antoninus Pius to Commodus (AD 138–192): Asia
     IV.3 Antoninus Pius to Commodus (AD 138–192): Lycia - Pamphylia to Arabia
     IV.4 Antoninus Pius to Commodus (AD 138–192): Egypt

Volume VI Elagabalus to Maximinus Thrax (AD 218–238): Asia Minor and Egypt

Gordian I to Gordian III (AD 238–244): province of Asia

Volume IX Trajan Decius to Uranius Antoninus (AD 249–254)

  1. Trajan Decius (249–251)
  2. Herennia Etruscilla (249–251)
  3. Herennius Etruscus (251)
  4. Hostilian (251)
  5. Trebonianus Gallus (251–253)
  6. Volusian (251–253)
  7. Aemilian (253)
  8. Cornelia Supera (253)
  9. Uranius Antoninus (253–254)
Consolidated Supplement 2015 [PDF]

Core Collection

Abbreviation - Collection
B - Berlin, Staatliche Museen
C - Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum
Cop - Copenhagen, Nationalmuseet
G - Glasgow, Hunterian Museum
L - London, British Museum
Mu - Munich, Staatliche Münzsammlung
NY - New York, American Numismatic Society
O - Oxford, Ashmolean Museum
P - Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
V - Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum

Geographical Arrangement

The arrangement of the cities follows the pattern established in RPC I. They are arranged on a geographical and political basis, from west to east. The main sub-divisions are Roman provinces (and, in the case of Asia and Phrygia-Caria, conventus).

Catalogue Conventions

The inscriptions have been listed using the following conventions:

(  ) round brackets indicate minor variants; e.g. ΣΕΒ(ΑΣΤΟΣ) means that some coins have ΣΕΒ and others ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ. Only where these differences seem significant have they been separated out into different catalogue entries. This convention reflects the fact that the legends on provincial coins were not as standardized as those from the mint of Rome. Variations of spelling are quite frequent, and in some cases virtually every die may have a slightly variant version. Round brackets () are also used in the description of the designs to denote a minor aspect of the design which may not be present on all coins;
[  ] square brackets indicate restorations of parts of the legends which cannot yet be read due to the poor preservation of surviving specimens;
__ an underline is used to denote ligatures in the legends.

Reference Abbreviations

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AAArchäologischer Anzeiger
AarhusAarhus, University Museum
ABSAAnnual of the British School at Athens
AEL'Année épigraphique (Paris, from 1888)
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AgoraJ. H. Kroll and A. S. Walker, The Athenia Agora XXVI. The Greek Coins (Princeton, 1993)
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AJAAmerican Journal of Archaeology
AJNAmerican Journal of Numismatics
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Person List

Abgar VIII
Aelius and Sabina
Annia Aurelia Faustina
Antoninus Pius
Augustus (under Hadrian)
Augustus (under Trajan)
Caecilia Paulina
Caracalla or Elagabalus (?)
Commodus and Crispinia
Cornelia Supera
Cotys II
Cotys III
Decius and Etruscilla
Decius and Etruscus
Decius, Etruscilla and Etruscus
Decius, Etruscilla, Etruscus and Hostilian
Decius, Etruscus and Hostilian
Diva Paulina
Elagabalus and Annia Faustina
Elagabalus and Julia Cornelia Paula
Elagabalus and Julia Maesa
Elagabalus and Severus Alexander
Etruscus and Hostilian
Etruscus or Hostilian
Faustina I
Faustina II
Gallus and Volusian
Gordian I
Gordian II
Gordian III
Gordian III and Tranquillina
Hadrian and Aelius
Hadrian and Antoninus Pius
Hadrian and Sabina
Hadrian, Aelius and Sabina
Julia Aquilia Severa
Julia Cornelia Paula
Julia Maesa
Julia Mamaea
Julia Soaemias
Livia (under Trajan)
Lucius Verus
Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius
Maximinus and Diva Paulina
Maximinus and Maximus
Ma"nu VIII
Nerva (under Trajan)
Nerva and Trajan
Otacilia Severa
Philip I
Philip I and Otacilia Severa
Philip I and Philip II
Philip II
Plotina and Marciana
Plotina and Matidia
Pupienus, Balbinus and Gordian III
Rhescuporis II-III
Rhescuporis III-IV
Rhescuporis V
Sallustia Orbiana
Sauromates I
Sauromates II
Sauromates III
Septimius Severus
Severus Alexander
Severus Alexander and Julia Maesa
Severus Alexander and Julia Mamaea
Trajan (under Hadrian)
Trajan and Plotina
Trajan, Plotina and Marciana
Uranius Antoninus

All coins are guaranteed for eternity