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A COMPLETE bibliography of Greek Numismatics would doubtless be a most interesting compilation, but from a practical standpoint fully three-fourths of it would probably be useless. As space is valuable, I have only thought it necessary to mention (α) those works which I have myself had most frequent occasion to use or refer to in the course of my numismatic studies, and especially in the preparation of the present work. With the object of being as concise as possible, I have taken the liberty of abbreviating some of the more lengthy titles, and I have omitted many of the shorter, and what I have deemed less important, articles. These will, however, be found without much difficulty by the student who will devote a short time to the perusal of the Indexes of the various numismatic periodicals (β) such as the Numismatic Chronicle, the Revue numismatique, the Zeitschrift für Numismatik, and others of which I have appended a short list. I have also added (γ) a few of the more important sale-catalogues. This bibliography must of course be supplemented by the special bibliographies given in the text, for the most part at the beginning of each section.


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See also Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale; Waddington.
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Various other articles on Greek numismatics.
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(viii) Central Greece (Head, 1884).
(ix) Crete and the Aegean Islands (Wroth, 1886).
(x) Greek and Scythic Kings of India (Gardner, 1886).
(xi) Peloponnesus (Gardner, 1887).
(xii) Attica, Megaris, Aegina (Head, 1888).
(xiii) Corinth and Colonies (Head, 1889).
(xiv) Pontus, Paphlagonia, Bithynia and Kingdom of Bosporus (Wroth, 1889).
(xv) Mysia (Wroth, 1892).
(xvi) Alexandria and the Nomes (Poole, 1892). [plates]
(xvii) Ionia (Head, 1892).
(xviii) Troas, Aeolis and Lesbos (Wroth, 1894).
(xix) Caria and the Islands (Head, 1897).
(xx) Lycia, Pamphylia and Pisidia (Hill, 1897).
(xxi) Galatia, Cappadocia and Syria (Wroth, 1899).
(xxii) Lycaonia, Isauria and Cilicia (Hill, 1900).
(xxiii) Lydia (Head, 1902).
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