Maximinus II

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MAXIMINVS II. (Galerius Valerius), surnamed Daza, bom in Illyria, was the son of the sister of Galerius Maximianus, and like his paternal ancestor, rude and uneducated.—Importuned by Galerius, Diocletian reluctantly confers upon him the dignity of Caesar, A.D. 305. He governed Syria and other provinces of the East. Timid, superstitious, addicted to drunkenness, cruelty with him went hand in hand with debauchery. This savage tyrant persecuted the Christians in the most horrible manner. In the year 307, Maximinus received the title of Filius Augusti, at the same time with Constantine, conferred by Galerius Maximianus. The year following he caused himself to be proclaimed Augustus, by his army. In 313, he having imprudently allied himself to Maxentius, the enemy of Constantine and Licinius, the latter marched against him into Thrace, and defeated him in a decisive battle. Pursued and besieged by Licinius, he poisoned himself at Tarsus, in Cilicia, A.D.. 313, eight years after being named Caesar, and five and a half after assuming the purple.--Adverting to the dreadful tortures both of mind and body which marked the end of Maximinus Daza, Beauvais observes--"This destroyer of the faithful exclaimed in the paroxysm of his torment;--It is the blood of the Christians which I have caused to be shed that has reduced me to this state. His memory was stigmatised as that of a brutal ruffian; his children were put to death; and his wife was thrown (at Antioch) alive into the river Orontes, where by her orders a great number of Christian women had been drowned."

The coins of this emperor are extremely rare in gold: of still greater rarity in silver; but for the most part common in third brass, and very common in second brass. On them he is styled MAXIMINVS NOB. CAESAR.--GAL. VAL. MAXIMINVS NOB. C.--MAXIMINVS FIL. AVGG.--IMP. GAL. VAL. MAXIMINVS P.F. INV. AVG.


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