Second period, Augustan standard, 82-85 A.D.



134. Silver denarius, Rome, app. May 85 A.D., Carradice 85.3, RIC 65, BMC -, RSC 180b
IMP·CAES·DOMIT·AVG·GERM·P·M·TR·P·IIII·   laureate head right, with aegis
, Ex. Jonathan Kern

Excessevely rare issue and the last to be struck at the reformed standard.
RIC 65 is based on Cohen 176 but the coin does not exist in the Paris collection, according to Ian Carradice. In addition he could not confirm any specimen by the time he wrote his work on Domitian's coinage.

This coin was lost or stolen in the mail ; if you happen to see it please be so kind  and let me know!